The iYap eCommerce system is a global marketplace that makes it easy for buyers and sellers to experience safe and secure shopping.  Our eCommerce solution is an All-in-One platform that offers sellers multiple ways to sell; Sell on the marketplace, in the deals portal, in mobile app and create your own custom boutique showcase store all from on dashboard.  The iYap ecommerce system eliminates the typical hurdles associated with global commerce such as; payment issues, shipping challenges and the ability for consumers to access international products.   We open buyers to a whole new shopping experience, providing access to local items, major brands and unique products offered by global suppliers.

Why sell with iYap?


Conveniently quantify your sales and brand impact through detailed analytic reports.


Reward your customers for every purchase they make with discounts, cash back and incentivized offers.


With all your ecommerce channels in one place, “online, in app and featured deal you save time, money and operate more efficiently.


Integrated with Liquid Cash, we offer a one click secure no card checkout experience that give our consumers the ability to shop anywhere worried free.

Ease of use   

Manage all your products, campaigns, content and money in one place.

Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools

• Increase online leads and conversions

• Geo-target and reach new customers off-line

• Deliver a great customer (multi/omni-channel) experience

• Improve brand awareness

• Improve loyalty and customer retention

• Reduce cost and increase efficiency

• Increase brand intelligence and customer insights

• Generate a set of unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes  for offline distribution, email, newsletters and  Easily manage and monitor coupon  usage and generate detailed reports

• Landing page for categories


• No credit card required at checkout

• Get Liquid Cash back on every purchase

• Direct in home delivery service

• Products ship anywhere globally

• Local Pickup Hubs for product delivery


• No monthly fees

• Pay only when you make a sale

• Get access to global shoppers

• International fulfillment provided

• Ship to anyone anywhere around the world